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Unify track

1 hr/day without wasting a moment.

Unify will deliver exactly what you are looking for when it comes to training smarter and harder. If you miss the workout in the gym, we provide a modified option for you at home with simple equipment.

Unify Your Fitness


We believe effective training isn’t “more is always better”.


Can't make it to a gym? No Problem, Unify provides a garage option for each workout.


Videos, podcasts, and blog articles on topics like rehab, coaching, etc.

Less is More

A Fit For Your Lifestyle

As a 33-year-old dad with a full time job, time is my number one priority. Icon has helped me realize that less can, in fact, be more when it comes to training. Since joining, I have see steady growth in the gym without sacrificing my lifestyle or time with my family.

David Walker

Fitness for outdoors

A Fit For Your Lifestyle

In my free time I kitesurf, CrossFit and the Icon program really helped me attain a better range of motion. My strength increased allowing me to surf for a longer period of time, which is great at 37 years of age.

Alex Strunck – Kite Surver

Strive For More

Push your limits each and everyday.

I have been following Icon almost since the time it began. I continue to see improvements with my fitness especially with being a part of Crossfit for quite some time now. Such a great community. Everyone is supportive and Chris whom never fails to answer any questions that I may have. I love the program, the community and Chris with all his elements he continues to produce. Through his coaching and advice I am able to achieve and continue to strive on getting fitter faster.

Bec Akdemir
Less Is More
Fitness For Outdoors
Everyday Elevated

Chris spealler

Born From A Passion For Fitness

Chris Spealler, 7 time individual CrossFit Games Competitor, created Icon Athlete from a passion for Fitness, Athletics, Coaching, & Teaching Experience.

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