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Structure, Purpose, Passion.

Masters Athlete programing to take your training to the the next level.

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Take Your Training To The Next Level

Warm-up and Movement Prep

Detailed movement prep, mobility, and prehab work every day of the week.

Age-group Specific Daily Programming

Workouts, loads, volume, skill, and accessory work tailored to each Masters division.

Daily Workout Brief

Guidance and goals for each workout session.

Access To Private Facebook Group

Direct interaction with Chris and Icon coaching staff. Post videos, comments, and questions for true coaching and engagement.

Programming With A Purpose

Each cycle of programming and training day has purpose and direction. We group specific age categories together to foster community and provide motivation and improvement in a positive atmosphere.


Programming Born From 7 Years of Experience.

With 7 years of experience as an Individual CrossFit Games Athlete, Chris Spealler has experienced the training volume and demand needed to get to the highest level. Now, having qualified for the CrossFit Games as a Masters athlete, he has applied similar training principles with the goal of improved lifestyle, recovery, and achieving the specific gains needed in order to succeed as a Masters athlete.