IA 142: Stamina/CRE

This week Doug and Chris are back in the swing of things after he was in Alaska. We are running through the 10 General Physical Skills, what they are, and how they apply to our training and programming over the next few weeks. Today is the first two on the list followed up with some additional topics, more editing issues…. and some solid pet peeves.

IA 140: Technology Stinks

After your long awaited podcast consistency and getting back in sync we run into technical issues today! The recording stopped! True to our Icon podcast ways we don’t edit it out and let it be what it is. What will you get? A brief intro into what we think of the Games so far, a cliff notes version of previously talked about content from Q and A’s, reviews, and of course our pet peeves which are extra salty this week.

IA 133: Balance in Training

CrossFit Park City is in their 13th year of business. They have a number of long term members. Some have gone over the years and with some more insight it may be due to needing to find some balance in their training. There is some form of “give and take” when we realize what we want our training to serve us for. The things outside the gym have give and take as well. Are you a professional or recreational athlete. Defining these things can help create more well rounded fitness and health. Doug and Chris talk through their experiences this week.

IA 131: Invitational and Group Fitness

Join in on the podcast this week while Doug and Chris talk through the Invitational and what’s whirling around in Chris’s head, what to expect and when to meet up if you’re going to be there. They answer some more reviews as well in regards to group fitness vs. one on ones along with helping some people out with equipment advice and coming back from injuries.