IA 148: Affiliate Feedback and Culture

CrossFit Park City is in their 13th year of business. Some of the members of the gym have been with us from the very start. Many for 7 years or more! With the increase in fitness franchises trying to use similar methods as CrossFit the culture in the gym, willing to receive feedback, and focusing on the entire community can be a challenge. Listen in on some of the things Doug and Chris tackle with this topic.

IA 145: CAAB

This week Doug and Chris finish off the topic of the 10 General Physical Skills. The last 4 cover the neurological components of the list. Blending this topic in with world class fitness in 100 words and if this definition is even appropriate to follow as a training guide are a few of the topics covered. Plus…. who needs sponsors anyway!

IA 142: Stamina/CRE

This week Doug and Chris are back in the swing of things after he was in Alaska. We are running through the 10 General Physical Skills, what they are, and how they apply to our training and programming over the next few weeks. Today is the first two on the list followed up with some additional topics, more editing issues…. and some solid pet peeves.

IA 140: Technology Stinks

After your long awaited podcast consistency and getting back in sync we run into technical issues today! The recording stopped! True to our Icon podcast ways we don’t edit it out and let it be what it is. What will you get? A brief intro into what we think of the Games so far, a cliff notes version of previously talked about content from Q and A’s, reviews, and of course our pet peeves which are extra salty this week.